The Battle of Convenience

As community banks and credit unions, you know it is difficult to compete with the large institutions in your market. With a limited number of branches and ATM's it is hard to add demand deposit accounts from customers that want these conveniences. In addition, many customers have so many recurring transactions they are hesitant to move their relationship.

Win the War

Instead of focusing on winning the battle for convenience, win the war for deposits! With U-Sweep™ you can aggregate liquid deposits to your institution without adding operational staff. You can compete with the out-of-market institutions trying to steal your deposits with a local account powered by U-Sweep™.

Simple and Powerful

U-Sweep™ provides a customer-driven internet portal that allows the customer to initiate ACH transactions to move funds between accounts. The base account is the account at your organization. Fast, easy and free to the customer, U-Sweep™ can help you win the war for core deposits.